Logo1Experience the thrill of being afloat and the exhilaration of the wind in the sails with experienced yachtsmen onboard “Guillemot” on the River Mersey.

The Trust is named after the tenacious little seabird Guillemot, which after being born on a high rock dives into the sea where its father is waiting to catch it and teach it the ways of a sea life.  The Trust’s aim is to give people of all ages, but especially the young, the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

Training can be part of their experience, but pleasure is the watchword and the training more about doing things in the correct manner than strict instruction.  It is our firm principle that the experience must be enjoyable, introducing the “novice sailors” to the fun and excitement of sailing, so that they want more.  We hope that subsequently RMYC members might take them into their own yachts as they progress through the RYA training scheme.  But the first step, which the Trust desires to achieve, is to enthuse the novices. (more…)